Know the route to reach the hospital of the Best Dermatologist In Madurai

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Good Evening Friends,

People who are affected with skin and hair problems don’t need to worry anymore. I am here to provide you the details about the Best Dermatologist In Madurai. And I am also going to show the route to reach the hospital of the best dermatologist. I have seen most of the friends are suffering from skin and hair problems. It is very worst to survive with a pimple filled face and bald scalps.

The Adityan clinic of Madurai is situated in Andal Puram. He is the dermatologist who won a gold medal in his degree. The doctor is named as the best dermatologist of Madurai. His patients were very happy because of his treatment. The hospital is having the high standard equipment and Dr.Adityan is using the best treatments to treat his patients. “The only aim of the Adityan skin clinic is to make our patients smiling”, proudly says the doctor. He has also occupied more prestigious posts and he is familiar with the national level.

Are you curious to know the route of the doctor who is having more heritages? If you are reaching to the hospital from Mattuthaavani i.e, M.G.R bus stand, then you have to come Periyar bus stand and reach the hospital by bus which goes to Thirumangalam. Anal Puram is the second stop from the Periyar bus stand. There are a lot of share autos are available to reach the Adityan Clinic.

Friends, I hope that you all will be very happy for knowing the route of the Best Dermatologist In Madurai. For more details, please visit (


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